Phosphate Phitoremediation In Pampang Canal Water Using Water Hyacinth

M. Ilham Nurdin, Arifah Sukasri, Jeanne Dewi Damayanti


Phytoremediation Research of Phosphate in Pampang Canal Water using Water Hyacinth (eichhornia crassipes) aims to determine the levels of phosphate in Makassar City's Pampang Canal water and determine the efficiency of phosphate absorption by water hyacinth plants in the water of Pampang Makassar City. This research was conducted in 3 stages, namely the preliminary stage, the main research stage and the final stage. The preliminary stage is carried out with a preliminary test and acclimatization of water hyacinth. The main research phase was carried out by bringing in 10 liters of Pampang canal water with 0.3 (195.22 g), 5 (352.47 g), 7 (457.14 g) water hyacinth plants for 10 days and analyzed every two days, namely at day 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 for the measurement of phosphate parameters to determine the concentration of the decrease in phosphate content by absorption of water hyacinth in the water of Pampang canal Makassar City. Phosphate testing parameters in the SM 4500-P.D * reference method using spectrophotometric analysis method with mg / L units. Phosphate Standard Resolution in PP. No.82 of 2001 concerning air quality standards, the permissible phosphate content in the air is 0.2 mg/l. The final stage is done by processing and analyzing data. The results showed that the phosphate content in Pampang canal water in Makassar city was 9.82 ppm and the most effective absorption efficiency of phosphate in Pampang canal water was phytoremediation using a ratio of 3 water hyacinth plants (195g) on 10 liters of Pampang canal water with absorption values phosphate of 99.10% for 8 days.

Keywords: phytoremediation, phosphate, water hyacinth, Pampang canal water, Makassar

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