Scopus Citation Analysis

Scopus Citation Analysis
Last Update: December 30, 2020

Intek: Jurnal Penelitian is cited by article on SCOPUS database at least 5 times since published in april 2016. The number citation calculation for each year is:

Year       Number of Citation

2019                   2

2020                   3

Citation Details

Utomo, M.N.Y., Bastian, A., Winursito, A. (2020). Improving speed performance of select random query in SQL database. Intek: Jurnal Penelitian, 7(1): 26-31.

Cited by:
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R.Karamma, MS. Pallu, MA. Thaha, MP. Hatta, (2020), Hydrodynamic Condition of Tides and Wave Diffraction in the Estuary of Jeneberang River.. INTEK Jurnal Penelitian, Volume 7 (1): 32-38

Cited by:
Karamma, R., Pallu, M. S., Arsyad Thaha, M., & Hatta, M. P. (2020). Numerical Modeling of Water Mass Structure Distribution at the Estuary Jeneberang River, Makassar. International Journal of Advanced Research in Engineering and Technology (IJARET), 11(5).

Study of Groundwater and Intrusion Zonation Conservation in North Bali Sea

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R Nur. (2016). Calculating the Power Demand in Turning of AISI 316L Stainless Steel Through the Cutting Forces Data. Jurnal Intek Politeknik Negeri Ujung Pandang 3(1) 43-9

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Yunus A. M. S. and Wahdah A. (2016). Modification and Testing of Wind Turbine with Double Savonius INTEK: Jurnal Penelitian 3 66-71

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