Analisis Keandalan Crusher pada PT. Semen Bosowa sebagai Dasar Penentuan Interval Waktu Perawatan

Muhammad Arsyad Suyuti, Baso Nasrullah, M. Ali Chandra, M. Ikram Kido


Maintenance of machinery and production facilities are important things that must be done to ensure
the smooth production process. So far, PT Semen Bosowa Maros carries out regular maintenance based on
technical instructions from machine suppliers which only show general matters without considering the actual
operating conditions. This research is aimed at planning the engine maintenance strategy of the Crusher unit
based on reliability analysis by considering the system reliability improvement target reliability. Downtime data
from each subsystem / component is converted to time between failure data. Then the data distribution testing is
carried out to get the most appropriate distribution. Based on the data distribution parameters obtained, the
reliability function of each subsystem / component can be determined so that the reliability value of each
subsystem / component and the overall system for a certain time period can be calculated. The results showed that
the failure or breakdown of the Crusher Unit during January 2012 - January 2014 the main causes were
subsystems / components 241.BC2 (Belt Conveyor 2), 231.BC2 (Belt Conveyor 2), 241.BC1 (Belt Conveyor 1),
231 .GL1 (Grizzly Feeder Vibrating), 241.CR1 (Crusher 1) and 231.BC1 (Belt Conveyor 1) so that the allocation
of reliability is focused on these subsystems / components. Next, a maintenance strategy is arranged in the form of
optimal maintenance intervals to achieve the targeted system reliability.

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