Effect of Recurrent Heating on Mechanical Properties of Artificial Teeth: A Review

Asmeati Asmeati, Rusdi Nur


Nowadays lots of material is produced to increase the
re-mineralization of tooth enamel. The eggshells are one of
materials that can also increase the re-mineralization of tooth
enamel. Eggshells are one of calcium carbonate sources with levels
of 95%. The egg produces waste in the form of eggshells. One of
the alternatives in tackling the eggshells is to turn it into a calcium
compound. It is the main ingredient of bones and enamel tooth.
This paper is proposed to investigate the effect of recurrent heating
on mechanical properties of artificial teeth. This review was
described some study experimental that was performed to heat the
specimen with 20oC, 40oC, 100oC, and 120oC. The heating result of
specimen was observed to determine the hardness using Brinnel
and Vickers scale. It was concluded that the higher of heating
temperature will decrease the hardness of denture base acrylic.


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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.31963/intek.v5i2.572


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