Klasifikasi Mutu Buah Pala (Myristica Fragrans Houtt) Berbasis Pengolahan Citra Menggunakan Metode Deep Learning Arsitektur Faster R-CNN

Muh Subhan, Hasan Basri


Fakfak is the number one nutmeg producing area in Indonesia with a land area of around 16,011 Ha. Nutmeg production is projected to continue to increase until 2020, recorded in 2011 the production of nutmeg in particular reached 12,884 tons or 25 percent of the total Indonesian nutmeg production. This increase was not followed by an increase in market share. One solution to get a wider nutmeg market is exports. But currently not all requests for nutmeg can be fulfilled, because the quality of the nutmeg does not meet the requirements requested. One factor is the surface defects in the nutmeg skin that affects the quality of the fruit, especially the appearance of the fruit. The sorting of nutmegs has so far been using conservative methods, namely by observation based on experience (self-taught). This manual method is felt to be less effective because it depends on the conditions and conditions of the sorting staff, different perceptions between each sorter, takes a long time, requires large costs and involves many workers. To deal with these problems, our previous research developed a method for classifying nutmeg seeds, using image processing methods with color and shape parameters combined with a neural network and sigmoid convolution classification algorithm as a validation method, an accuracy of 87%, but this has not been said to be optimal so we try to use the same approach with the latest method improvements using the R-CNN Faster obtained the best accuracy of 95% with a learning rate of 4000 with a processing time of 0.04 minutes per second.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.31963/intek.v6i2.1566


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