Aplikasi Monitoring Aset dan Inventaris Laboratorium Berbasis Web Pada Kampus Politeknik Negeri Ujung Pandang

Mardawia Mabe Parenreng, Mardhiyah Nas


Polytechnic is a university that organizes
vocational education in various science and technology clusters.
The learning process in polytechnic is dominated by practicum
that is 70% and 30% theory. The amount of laboratory
percentage affects the large number of laboratory. Each
laboratory has a laboratory responsible (technician) in charge of
recording and monitoring the completeness and condition of the
practicum equipment. Tools and materials used in the process of
practicum is an asset and laboratory inventory that must always
be maintained and checked the condition of the equipment. In
Ujung Pandang State Polytechnic (PNUP) in terms of asset
monitoring and practicum inventory is still done manually.
Therefore need to make an application to monitor assets and
laboratory inventory, especially on campus two. It is known that
since 2014 there are three departments that have implemented
the teaching and learning process in two campuses including
several laboratories have also been transferred to the two
campuses, such as electrical engineering majors, majoring in
business administration and accounting majors. So with this
application will greatly help technicians because no longer do the
reporting or request tool manually and with this application in
monitoring the condition of the tool is damaged and tools that
need further improvement more easily and can be quickly
updated. The creation of this system begins with the needs
analysis, design design as the basis of system development, the
right of access consists of technicians of each laboratory and
procurement department on campus one, content creation
consists of laboratory data, checking tools and materials, repair
tools and materials and demand tools and materials then print
data laboratory


Keywords: Information System; Web; Monitoring; Laboratory.


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