Effect of Bentonite Filler on the Hidropobicity Properties of Sago Pulp Starch Based Bio-Plastic

Nurmalasari Nurmalasari


The development of bioplastics as alternative plastics for industrial and commercial applications is essential today, because of the large negative impact caused by the use of synthetic plastics on the environment. Researchers have developed starch-based bioplastics from various raw materials. This research investigates the effect of adding bentonite to the hydrophibicity of sago pulp starch-based bioplastics. Various bioplastic samples have been synthesized with varying concentrations of bentonite filler of 3%, 6%, 9%, 12% (w / w) using the sol-gel method. The solvent used are aquades and acetic acid 2 % with reaction temperature between 80-90 oC. The test results show that the addition of bentonite fillers can improve the hydrophobicity of sago pulp starch-based bioplastics, but the hydrophobicity properties decrease with increasing concentrations of bentonite fillers. This is confirmed by the results of the water uptake test which has increased, as well as the FTIR results showing an increase in the peak intensity of the -OH group originating from water molecules trapped in the cavity of the bentonite structure. The highest hydrophobicity was obtained in the addition of 3% bentonite filler with hydrophobicity percentage was 93.96%, better than sago pulp starch-based bioplastic without the addition of bentonite filler with hydrophobicity was 55.67%

Key Words : Sago Pulp, Starch, Bentonit, Bioplastic, Hidrofobicity

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.31963/ijctech.v1i1.2087


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